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candle making kitsWelcome to your online providers of candle making kits,  fragrance oils and supply.    Here you can buy essential oils and other items for your candle making.   I have also added links to other resources for instance some suggested links by Google.

Many people enjoy a romantic candlelit dinner in a quiet restaurant or by their own fireside while relaxing with a book in a quiet alcove: scented candles with their beautiful aroma and ability to soothe after a tiring day enhances the experience.  Scented candles come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and scents.  Candle fragrance oils are one of two types; either synthetic fragrance or essential oils.  Essential oils are extracted from barks and stems of plants such as jasmine, lavender, cedar wood, and many others and give a more aromatic scent and authenticity to a candle.  Fragrance oils are less expensive are also appealing also and smell terrific.

Candle Making Kits: Buying Guidelines

There are different methods of how to make scented candles some of which are considered harmful by candle making’ experts and agree wicks made from metal are to be avoided as they can cause lead poisoning and air pollution.  You should buy candles with either paper, cotton, or hemp wicks these are healthier and more nature friendly.  Additionally either beeswax or soy wax are safer than paraffin.  If you are in doubt ask the seller about the ingredients used and method of preparation.  Avoid candles with chemical additives.

Candle Making Kits: Adding Fragrance

Alternatively; with the internet today it is easy to source candle fragrance oils and candle making kits to prepare your own scented candles.  In addition these can be given as personalized gifts which can make the recipient privileged to have you as a friend.

There are three methods of adding scent to candles.  Adding scent to the liquid wax is the recommended way; this will distribute the fragrance evenly throughout the candle when properly mixed.

The next method is to soak the candle wax in essential oils or fragrance oils and pour the liquid wax around it.  Some candle makers first pour the candle without the wick, and when the candle sets drill a hole through which to push the scented wick.

Lastly you can take an existing candle and drill small holes parallel to the wick, three or four spaced equally around the wick should be enough, and pour in the fragrance oil.  Push wax over the holes when filled to seal them until the candle is lit.

There is a great variety of essential and fragrance oils available and these can be blended and mixed to give an even broader range of aromatic fragrances.

Candle Making Kits: Candle Making Tips

There aCandle Making Kitsre many guides to candle making online such as The Secrets To Successful Candle Making by Sarah Johnstan and Stop Burning Time And Money by Jean Ann Herley each providing good guidelines on candle making.

Candle making is an art and you cannot get perfect results by simply adding a dollop or two of scent to the mix.  Take some time in choosing the brand fragrance or essential oils to use once you chosen a particular brand stick with it.  The two aspects of scented candles to consider are: how the candle smells after it is made, and how the candle smells as it burns.  Using different brands will not allow you to get consistent results between different candle batches.

It may take more than one attempt to achieve the result you want.  This is also an opportunity to experiment with different: scents, brands, and combination scents.  Be aware you can become de-sensitised to a particular scent and use incrementally more scent on successive batches because you feel the scent is not strong enough when others find it overdone.  Ask other people’s opinion on how the candle smells when burning and not-burning this will give a more informed view of the finished candle.

A general guide on how much to use:

    • Fragrance oils - between one half to one ounce of oil to four pounds of wax
    • Essential oils - (similarly) between one half to one ounce of oil to four pounds of wax
    • Scent disc - between one to two ounces to four pounds of wax

Mix the oil thoroughly with the wax otherwise the candle will not burn steadily and may go out.

It is helpful to keep a written record of the amounts of fragrance you use in each candle this will help you to make adjustments in future candle mixes.  Ask your friends to give their opinion on the fragrance and how strong it is.  The making of scented candles needs practice and experience; you will improve when you persevere.

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